"When there is a gap, you either commit yourself as a professional racing driver, that is design to win races or you come second or come third or come fifth and I am not design to come third, fourth or fifth. I race to win. And if you no longer go for a gap that exist you´re no longer a racing driver." Ayrton Senna da Silva.


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Michael Schumacher: The Greatest of All? by Christopher Hilton

Michael Schumacher's successful 2001 Grand Prix seasons not only brought him his fourth World Championship but also netted him a clutch of new records. Most notably his victory in Belgium raised his total of wins to 52, beating the record set by Alain Prost in 1993 - but he also set new records for the number of fastest laps, distance led and laps led. This volume examines Schumacher's place in F1 history, how he brought glory back to Ferrari and, comparing him with other genius drivers, whether he really is the greatest of them all. Topics covered include: Schumacher's second World Championship for Ferrari, and how he brought Maranello back from the doldrums; maturing from "crash and bash" to elder statesman; his skills in qualifying, in the wet, in exploiting unfavourable situations, and in making crippled cars go on to win;

Publisher: J H Haynes & Co Ltd
ISBN: 978-1859608739
Pages: 160
Language: ENG
EUR 30,00

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